Have you ever wanted to keep track of all your girlfriend or boyfriend's text messages? How about your kids'? In other words, have you ever wanted to spy on someone?

Our new and controversial app for the Android does just that. Once the app is installed, you'll receive all of the monitored phone's incoming texts!


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Our app is so scary, that Google banned it from the Android Market. Click here to buy the app that created furvor across the country!



Rebecca from New York City says:
"I used Secret SMS Replicator because I thought my boyfriend was cheating on me with an ex-girlfriend. Turns out he wasn't... What a relief!"

Marie from Chicago says:
"I was always hesitant to get my child a cell phone because I didn't want people I didn't know to contact him. With Secret SMS replicator, I am able to monitor who is talking to my son and what they are saying, it gives me such piece of mind. "

Anonymous says:
"My employee was getting dirty texts on his work phone. After I had the proof, I fired him."

So, how does it work?

Once installed on the phone of your choice, the app runs surreptitiously and constantly in the background, secretly forwarding incoming SMS messages to the numbers you select. The app is unique because there is no visible icon or shortcut to access it, so once it's installed, it will continue to monitor without revealing itself. The only access to the settings panel to deactivate the app is by texting that phone a secret password which is chosen at installation.

Only the phone under surveillance needs to run Android. Once installed, text that phone ‘000’ to bring up the secret control panel and get started.

Minimum Requirements:
Android 2.0 (Operating System 1.6, 2.0, 2.1, 2.2)

Display Dimensions: 1024 to 1366 px on the longest side, 1366 px and above on the longest side, 240x320, 240x400, 240x432, 320x240, 320x480, 360x640, 480x800, 480x854, 800 to 1024 px on the longest side.

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